A few weeks back a reader asked me for a point and shoot pocket camera recommendation.  Despite there being hundreds to choose from one model leaped to the front of my recommendations because it's one I plan on purchasing for myself.  A few months ago my recommendation would be for the Fuji Finepix F200EXR and it's still a great choice.  However,  the Canon S90 Powershot has moved to the top of my list due to its large sensor (for a point and shoot it has one of the largest) and its fast F2.0 lens.  I recommended this model to the reader who asked the question and he took it into consideration.  He put a lot of effort into his research and asked questions on the models he'd narrowed things down to, but in the end he too thought the Canon S90 Powershot made a lot of sense so he went out and bought one.  I asked him to give us a brief hands-on report in the event anyone else is considering such a camera.  Here it is:

BKKSteve -

First report on Canon S90. Very happy with pictures so far. Took 250 pictures all over BKK yesterday. Used the AUTO setting only. They seem much clearer, better color than the Sony T90 but I do not have my LCD monitor here, just the laptop.

The video also looks good and the S90 LCD makes it easy to know how many seconds you have shot.

The adjustment ring on the lens is easy to use, I set it for zoom and works fine and fast. Battery life seem very good and overall the camera is easy to handle. The shutter button will take a little getting used to, it is on the top, in the center of the camera so just a bit of a reach.

The only slight inconvenience is with the pop up flash location. The way I normally hold point and shoot cameras is with left index finger on top doing this will not allow the flash unit to extend. Not a big deal...I will learn.

This first group of shots were taken using the 28 mm up to the 105 mm settings.









Rick -

Thank you!  It's great to hear you're enjoying your new Canon S90 Powershot and the image samples you sent in exhibit great image quality for a point and shoot.  I can't wait to see more!


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