I guess this is your night.

You mention the new d300s Nikon

There are so many models available that I get a headache trying to see the difference.

Why is the 300s better than my D90?

Hell - I can't even run the SB900 flash !! A computer of its own .




Bart -

The D300 or D300(s) (the 's' adds video capability which you might find advantageous once you get used to using it) is a very different camera than your others.  I can list a bunch of specs.. but it is probably better to just tell you the D300 is a much "faster" DSLR, more weather resistant, and capable of providing the user with more shots in more difficult circumstances.

By "faster" I mean every part of the camera, from a faster autofocus to a faster frame rate to faster saves to the memory card.  It's also much faster in review mode.  This speed allows you to follow more action and get more shots where it counts.

The weather sealing is very important to someone doing outdoor events.  The D300 is very well sealed and can safely operate in conditions (providing the lens is also sealed) which the D90 would malfunction and die.

The autofocus systems, exposure systems, and even the bigger brighter viewfinder will all contribute to getting more keepers when you work the fringes.

Really, the D300 is as close to a professional camera as you're likely to get for a consumer camera price.  It's really a winner.

There is a caveat though.  As much as I like the D300, and I've used one several times, it's still a APC-S crop sensor which means it multiples your focal length by 1.5x.  A 100mm lens becomes a 150mm lens.

For not much more the D700 is available.  The D700 is everything the D300 is, but with a full frame sensor.  This is a huge step up in image quality, lets your lenses work at their native focal lengths, and you won't believe the differences when working in marginal or low light.  If you can at all afford a D700..

Also keep in mind that many Nikon soothsayers are predicting a D700x to be announced soon.  The D700 as you know is a full frame 12mp camera, just as the D3 is.  Now Nikon brought out the D3x which is essentially the D3 with a new 24mp full frame sensor.  The D700x will follow suit and provide a sub $3000 DSLR with a 24mp full frame sensor which will compete well with Canon's 5d Mark II (21mp full frame for about $2600) and Sony's A850 (24mp full frame for $2900)..

I hope this answers your question.. though I'm guessing it raises even more.

Take care




Thanks for all that.

You sure know a lot about cameras.

Your tech reviews are really beyond me.

My D90 does have movie mode - though I have never used it.

I don't care for the live monitor function either.

I am not sure the rest of the features would add to my needs.

I like the way you list them though - not as stats only but practical uses.

Maybe someday - if I get a big assignment that would pay for it.




Bart -

The D300 might be available at a deep discount with the new D300s hitting the streets.  If you don't care for the video this might be a good upgrade for you.

You'd have to use the camera to appreciate all the differences.  In California a photo store chain called Samy's rents cameras and lenses.  It might be worth a rental fee to check one out.



Hello Steve,

I just got married and the photographer who we used uses a canon DSLR and all the files look like this IMG_6965.CR2.

Can you advise me on what program I could use to convert these files into a common format so that my picture browsers can see them.

I use ACDSee 10 and I can see all my raw files taken with my Nikon D80. But not his Cannon photos.
Thank you.
PS  here are just a couple of photos from my Wedding Day.


Charles -

I shudder to think what kind of "wedding photographer" would give you the files, much less turn over raw files to a customer as the main files.  Please don't use this guy for your next wedding.

There are many programs that will do the job including ACDsee 10.. you'll probably just need to install the right profile from the ACDsee website.  If that fails, download a trial copy of Lightroom (the program I've been recommending to you all along) which will give you a free 30 days to adjust and then convert your files to .tif's or .jpegs.

Let me know how this works out for you.

Congratulations on the wedding!


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