Hi Steve,

Hope all is well with you.

Please find attached images of some shots I took. Would appreciate if you could help me on the same as I don't still feel it has a WOW affect.

I used 2 Elinchrom Dlite 4 flash heads with a Light Tent Box. Most of the time my light power setting was on 3.




Before                                                                       After


Before1                                     After1


Before2                                        After2


Before3                                          After3 


Before4                                                       After4


Before5                                      After5


Before6                                                After6


Hi Jason –

What you’ve done is shot the scene with a very flat light (the tent) and expected the effects of hard light (shadows, more contrast, pop, etc).   Soft light in a small tent is easy to pull off.. but hard light will take you much more practice.  You’ll want to try building a cardboard set instead of the tent, a snoot to focus light where you want it, background lights, etc.. and then you’ll be turning out product shots like a pro.. but keep in mind the pro spent many year learning his craft.

The next best thing is to take your flat images and process “wow” into them.  I’m not sure exactly what you’re after but I included six samples processed within the limitations of your original shots.  If the lighting was reallly good we could process much better.  Let me know which one is the closest t what you envision and where you want to go from there and I’ll see what we can take it.

Product photography really should be approached from with a plan from top to bottom and it can be difficult, but you can make huge improvements with even the smallest of charges during capture.

Also.. if you can shoot raw.  You’ll end up with much nicer images.