Dear Sirs,

Having read the post re the above lens I am trying to get an opinion as to the ability of this lens to produce top quality A2 prints at all focal lengths when used on a Sony NEX 7 camera. Your views would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


John B


Hi John -

Nice to hear from you.  The Sony 18-200 lens is very capable, on par optically with the 18-200 from Nikon for their DSLR's.  Sometimes I think it's as good  as the current crop of 70-200's but there's areas where a 70-200 is just too different to make the comparison.

I would say if you do your job then you'll find the 18-200 E lens will easily do what you want.   Remember, 200mm on a 1.5x crop frame camera is 300mm.. and using 300mm isn't something most are used to doing.

Knowing how to get clear images at 300mm is a real skill and you shouldn't expect to just mount the lens on the body and start taking great pictures at the longer focal lengths.  You'll need to develop bracing skills, how to use a tripod, and more.  You'll really need to pay attention to your shutter speeds.  So do expect a learning curve if you're not used to using this focal length.

I wish you the best.



Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your detailed response, very helpful, I will buy one in the next couple of weeks. The NEX system seems superb so this lens would be a good addition, thanks again.

John B

John –

Share some images as you learn your new lens.  Good luck.



Hi Steve,

Just to let you know that I have just purchased a Sony NEX 7 body and a 18-200 lens but only just done a few test shots.

The one question that you may be able to help with is:- is there any method of supporting the lens and camera other than by the tripod screw socket in the base of the camera?

It would seem to place a tremendous pressure on the camera base, is there a tripod collar that would fit around the lens?

many thanks for your time if you are able to comment.

Best wishes


Hi Steve,

John –

What you want is from Really Right Stuff and you can find it here by clicking on this link

Good Luck



Steve have a question concerning the use of Lightroom 3.5.

I have been running both LR 3 and beta 4 on my desktop for sometime. All is fine.

I recently loaded both programs on my laptop and they both work fine, except for one issue.

When using the desk top and I import "photos and videos" from a folder into LR the files stay in the folder for use later.

On the laptop when photos are imported into LR the folder is then left empty.

I have checked every setting in Lightroom with due diligence at least twice with no luck in finding the answer.

So then the big question is why???? The picture files are kept in the folders on the DP but not on the LT.

I am sure glad the problems of the world are less important to me than this issue with Lightroom. LOL



Rick -

Open the example I attached.  See the red circled area?  You have three choices.


Steve have a question concerning the use of Lightroom 3.5.


Copy:  Copy from the current disc/drive/flashcard and put a copy in your LR catalog but leave the original files in place.

Move:  Move the files from, the current disc/drive/flashcard and put them in your LR catalog and remove the original files from their original location.

Add:  Add files to the LR catalog from their current location and leave them there, this is now the new LR catalog location.

Does this answer your question?