Kevin -

Do you have any advice to offer our readers about photography or possibly security if they're coming your way to Vietnam?



Hi Steve,

Having top quality camera gear is one thing, walking around with it safely is another matter altogether. Snatch and grab thieves in Saigon target high end camera users.

Camera theft is not high on the priority list for law enforcement agencies here because I think they assume, wrongly, that all foreigners are insured and they'll be reimbursed by their respective insurance providers. Not this little black duck! I intend using security staff to accompany me when I go into areas I think are not safe.

I read about one guy in Saigon who hired 4 security guys to go around with him after losing a couple of high end cameras to the motorbike snatch and grabbers. I think 2 would be enough, just to keep a look out, but 4 or even 6 would not be that expensive when you consider that these guys would be lucky to pull $4-$5 a day in their regular security jobs.

If you offered a couple of guys $10-$20 each to accompany you around the sights it would be money well spent and I'm sure much appreciated. Finding security guys would not be a problem. Your hotel could probably arrange it for you. Just a thought for the newbies travelling this way.

Kevin  J.


Hello Steve,

Just wanting to ask you how you go about watermarking your images for your column.
I have my own website and although my images mightn't rate as high as yours, or be seen by has many people, I've though of adding a watermark to them.
I already have many images on my website and was wondering if I could add the watermark to the web images all ready sized for the internet or do I have to make new ones.
All my photos on my website are 500 pixels in width or height, depending on their orientation.
So could I open my 500 pixel image up in Photoshop and add the watermark then flatten it and resave it?
Would this result in any loss of image quality that people could notice?


Charles -

These are some great questions and I decided to turn your answer into a learning topic for this week.  Thanks for the idea!


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