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Photography News

News For The Week of July 31st, 2010
7/31/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
  If you render video or just must have the most powerful personal computer on your block then a motherboard hosting a pair of 5600 Xeon CPU’s is just the ticket.  12 cores and 24 threads. Read how it works with Adobe CS5 here.     I can’t believe some of these stories I’m rea ...


News For the Week of July 24th 2010
7/24/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
  The Online Photographer is a very popular blog written by a knowledgeable photographer, one of my favorite sites to visit when “reading the news.”  This article discusses using the Ipad as a second monitor for a Macbook when on the road. The idea has great merit, even if the Ipad is a lo ...


News For The Week of July 17th, 2010
7/17/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
  Okay, it’s alright and legal to sell personal data a website collects in the course of its business, but now it’s a problem because it’s a gay magazine?  Should there be different rules ?  What do you think?     The Panasonic DMC-G2 Micro 4/3’s system has matured signific ...


News For The Week of July 10th
7/10/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
  100 pictures to take before you die from   Many interesting places. How many have you covered?     The Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 is becoming popular very quickly and for good reason, but small issues are being noticed by reviewers and Sony is quick to respond w ...


Photography News for July 3rd, 2010
7/3/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  
   $722,000 USD’s for a 1938 photograph  “Clearing Winter Storm” by Ansel Adams at a recent Sotheby’s auction was the  highlight of the auction, but more than 1000 other photographs and Polaroid’s brought in more than 12.4 million.  Quite the auction!     Imagine ...


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