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Photography News

News for the month of Dec 4th through Dec 31st
12/31/2011 9:29 AM By  anonymous  

Yahoo's best images for the week of December 23rd, 53 Scintillating Snow Shots, Naked Definance on display in Bangkok, an inspiring 16 year old photographer, Super Photoshop makes impossible things possible, and the famous female Pearl Habor Firefighter image debunked.


News For The Month of November 5th through December 3rd
12/2/2011 9:00 PM By  anonymous  

Solid gold cameras, a lost at sea DSLR reunited with it's owner, a blind photographer makes great art, light shines on miracle dog, crazy photographer at Baja 1000, Andreas Gurseky image nets 4.3 million record, and a way to tell if images have been Photoshopped.


News for the month of October 1st through November 5th
11/5/2011 10:06 AM By  anonymous  
A throwable sports ball, predators in the fashion industry, northern lights, and Canon announces their new EOS-1D X DSLR.


News for the month of August 27, through October 1st 2011
9/30/2011 8:14 AM By  anonymous  
Belgian artist Ben Heine creates some fun pencil and photo art, the photogrpaher who took "the falling man" shot is inteviewed, a moon probe photographs 40 year old footprints, a great picture of Saturn, and tree climbing goats you'll have to see to believe.


News For The Week of August 27th, 2011
8/27/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

A new website can find your stolen gadgets for you, a jerk of Congressman has his voters cameras confiscated, a portrait photographer refuses to take portraits of cyber bullies, color photos from the Depression Era, and photographers exploiting children rears its ugly head once more.


News For the Week of August 20th, 2011
8/20/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

Sony updates the firmware for their NEX-5/NEX-3/NEX-5C cameras to version 4.0, The Mathieu Young "Cambodia by Moonlight series, Lenses shielded the 9/11 Photogs as they captured history, Canon claims to be considering a mirrorless camera, and the Fuji Finepix x100 wins the EISA "European Advanced Compact Camera 2011-2012" award.


News For The Week of August 13th, 2011
8/13/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

Award winning photographer started his career at 16 photographing his grandmother, a mystery sounding Elvis is solved, Red Shirt Photos, and great pics from Big Photo.


News For The Week of July 30th, 2011
7/30/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

Beijing Artist Le Wei is creastive beyond the norm, a very small HD camera to compete with the GoPro, a French Photographer bares all in self-portriats, Apple gets flak for the gay app, stunning cookbook photography, and the Silent Scream's history of theft and non-compensation..


News For the Week of July 23rd, 2011
7/23/2011 11:50 AM By  anonymous  

The TSA abuses their authority by removing a passenger taking a picture of a rude employee's nametag, a toasted Canon 7d and the Sandisk memory card is still good, the Gieco gecko, an odd looking artificial karoke singing mouth, a Macaque Monkey takes his own self-portrait, and the Navy's MQ-88 Fire Scout is photogenic!


News For The Week of March 19th, 2011
3/19/2011 10:40 PM By  anonymous  
Erotic Photographer Michael Charles shares his secrets, Bob Coffey's A Love Story, opportunities to volunteer and help the disabled, Olympus 40-150mm lens review, Samyang 35mm F1.4, Forbidden Photography in the UAE, and Android moves to the top of the mobile phone market.


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