Canon recently released a landmark firmware version 2.0.3. upgrade that upgraded AND added to the capability of the Canon 5d Mark II.  This upgrade serviced video capability and not much else.  They ran into a hitch though when their upgrade was discovered to have a bug so they pulled it off their update site.  A few days later version 2.0.4 was released to rectify the bug and now all is well.  I've personally upgraded my own 5d Mark II's firmware and everything is working as it should.


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The UK minister of Policing and Crime felt it was necessary to personally and publically reassure UK photographers that their new anti-terrorism laws were not aimed at them.  Unfortunately I've posted many examples in this story where it was not only aimed at them, but resulted in arrests and equipment confiscations.   Read about it here.

This isn't camera related but it is very cool.  A real life affordable and perhaps even practical personal jetpack!  We've all wanted one of these forever and now they're available, for less money than say a Mini Cooper goes for here in the Kingdom.  Now where do I attach my camera bag.. 


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Did you know the USA has a National Broadband Plan?  Sounds like yet another part of our lives the government would be better staying out of and leaving to private business to sort out.  Now we can expect USA broadband capabilities to both cost more, and grow more slowly.  Sigh..


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Adobe Lightroom has taken the photography world by storm and is currently used by more photographers for raw processing and image management than anything else out there.  Constantly evolving Adobe has announced it's latest beta version of the soon to be released version 3.  Give it a try.