Phase One releases Capture 5.1.1 and supports the newest cameras like Canon's EOS 550 (T2i), Mamiya DM40, as well as the Leaf Aptus II 8.  Many bugs have been fixed and presets for the Sony DSLRs implemented.  You can read about the update here, and download your update here.   My personal copy was updated and all went well.


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Last week I posted a link to Adobe Lightroom Version 3 Beta 2's webpage where you could get a copy.  I certainly did and I've spent a few hours this week test driving this new version to get a feel for the new features.  Several that stand out are integral tethering for select (later model) Nikon and Canon DSLRs.  This is a great feature, elegantly implemented, and it works great!  Next, version 3's RAW engine has been tuned and IMO is the best raw engine currently available for processing high ISO high noise images.  The differences between this and ACR are huge.  If you process a lot of high ISO images you'll want to be using Lightroom version 3.  Adobe themselves discuss these features and more at this link.  Give it a read. 


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Adobe also announced the release date for their Creative Suite 5 products, CS5.  The release date is April 12, 2010 and they're promising some very useful new features like 'content-aware' fill and more.  Check out their CS5 page for an active countdown clock until the release.. and you can preorder your copy here. 


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Sexual misconduct by fashion photographers is more common than we'd care to believe.  This article talks about photographers abusing their relationships with young models through inappropriate touching and asking for sexual favors.  Jim Richardson who shoots for such magazines as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Gucci is being accused by credible sources.  One of his past models describes very unprofessional conduct during her shoot while his assistants looked on acting like it was natural.  If you've ever considered shooting fashion, or even involving your children in fashion photography, I encourage you to read this article.  It will open your eyes.


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The Lenovo W510 laptop is uniquely suited to image processing in several ways.  It has a very nice wide gamut monitor coupled with an optional built in colorimeter with included software.  Profiling your monitor is as simple as clicking the button, closing the top, and opening the top when the 'finish beep' sounds.  More, it has a  core i7 CPU, a high powered graphics card, and all the new modern hardware you could want.  And of course it has the legendary ThinkPad construction and build quality you've come to expect from Lenovo.  Read this review from Notebook Review for more information.


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