Are you a Mac user?  Apple announced the release of its latest update to Aperture 3.1   


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Sigma announces a new firmware update for their Sigma DP1x This update shortens the camera turn on/off time and corrects the long recording time.




Sony users get all the breaks!  By now you probably know that Sony bought Minolta and adapted their new DSLR’s around the Minolta lens mount.  Then, they get Carl Zeiss to start turning out their great optics for their new DSLR.  What you’re getting is a new modern Carl Zeiss autofocus lens you can’t get on any other system.  DPreview reviews the latest Sony Distagon T* 24mm F2 SSM. Read it here




A bit harsh, but I’m glad to see it.  A local wedding photographer took money to shoot a wedding, and then never showed up.  It turns out this was his plan all along. Now he’s in jail.   Fraud is everywhere these days.




Fall colors, Hope Valley Lake Tahoe.  What more do I need to say if you really appreciate fall color photographs? This is a world famous location for shooting fall colors so you’ll want to read this article and maybe add the location to your bucket list.




The opening paragraph At work, Richard Petty runs a clinic around the corner from London’s Harley Street where he specializes in treating men with sexual and prostate conditions. For relaxation, he collects photographs of women.    Okaaayyy.. This is really an article about how Annie got shot.  Annie Leibovitz that is.  This guy collects pictures of recognizable figures with interesting careers and life stories so it’s not surprising a picture of Annie is in his collection.  An interesting article. 




Windows 8 is scheduled for early 2012, just a bit more than a year away. What, and you haven’t upgrade to Windows 7 yet?




The Canon EOS-1d Mark IV is currently Canon’s professional entry in the sports and wildlife market.  With its 16mp 1.3x sensor, super fast autofocus and perhaps the toughest build in the industry, it’s the first of most professionals.  Comprehensive reviews on this model have been scarce, so you’ll appreciate this review from Imaging Resource.




This article was the most interesting of the week.   The first man.  Well, not really. The first photographed man.   Taken in 1838, in Paris, using the daguerreotype process.  Check out the article.


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Halloween was last week, but you might still be interested in how they used to fake “ghostly” .  images in the old days.   Imagine he attention these sorts of photos would get back in the day


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Looking for the fastest possible computer for video rendering? Check out this article from Tom’s Hardware where they learn if taking advantage of the 64 bit Adobe CS5 using Nvidia’s CUDA technology makes a difference.  (it does)