Local Thailand Photo Show News! The Photo World Fair 2010 will be held at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th fl. Siam Paragon during April 29-May 2. They will have discounts on equipment and freebies with purchase .  Comp World 2010 will also be in the same area.  You can pre-order The Canon EOS550D (T2i) with the EF-S 18-55 IS for 29,900, normally 32,900.  There will be 100 available for order starting March 29.  Call 02-440-0333 on weekdays between 0900-1630.  You'll have to transfer 1,500 baht deposit to their account and then fax them the transfer receipt within 48 hours of the order.  They'll call you back to confirm.  You can pay the outstanding balance at their kiosk.


Photo World Fair 2010, Bangkok Thailand


Reading this review was interesting, all about the speed of the top 5 browsers..  but the results were a lot less exciting once you took a good look at things.  The show a table adding up how many times each browser got 1st on a test, 2nd, 3rd, etc, etc.. Add them up.. and they're all within 3-4 points of each other.. hardly a difference to be concerned with either way.  I'm more interested in compatibility, convenience (add-ons), and security.. in that order.  How about you?


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Rodney Alcala is the most prolific serial killer in US history and has recently been sentenced to death for five murders.  Police suspect he could be responsible for 130 more.  Rodney Alcala would often use photography has his ruse to engage pretty young women.  A search of his storage locker revealed over 1000 photographs from such sessions and police fear many in the pictures could be his victims.  A couple of the pictures might be showing women already dead.  Read the entire article here.


Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok Images, Rodney Alcala, serial killer

Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok Images, serial killer, rodney alcala

Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok Images, Rodney Alcala serial killer


Peter Gowland, a fashion photographer for over six decades, passed away this month at 93.  With more than a 1000 magazine covers to his name including such celebrities as Roch Hudson and Robert Wagner, Rolling Stones, Playboy, and Modern Photography.  He also invented the twin-lens Gowlandfex camera which is still used by famous photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Yousuf Karsh.  He authored 26 books and was a regular on the photography lecture circuit.


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It goes to show that no matter how successful you become with photography, or how much money you make, if you're finances aren't well managed disaster lurks.  Annie Leibovitz has been in the news on and off for the last few years because of her financial troubles and is now facing new accusations for not paying her bills.


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This is regionally germane. The remains of Errol Flynn's son have been found in Cambodia.  Sean Flynn disappeared during the Cambodian War 40 years ago.  At least 37 journalists and photographers have been killed or are still listed as missing from the 1970-1975 war, the US backed Lon Nol government against the North Vietnamese Khmer Rouge. 


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Anyone have the new Apple Ipad yet?  If not, before you run out and purchase one you might want to read this article about how the authors $499 USD planned purchase turned into a $1170 USD purchase.  A good read for sure.


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The 70-200mm telephoto is the staple of news journalists, wildlife photographers, hobbyists, and just about anyone serious about photography has one in their bag.  Digital Photography Review reviews the excellent Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G.  Most lenses in this genre are excellent and this lens is no exception.  If you shoot a Sony or Minolta body this review might be of interest to you.


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Photography as a profession has underwent significant changes in the last decade.  Anyone looking towards a career in photography will want to read this article.  There will always be a way to earn a decent living as a talented photographer, but some traditional paths are closing fast while other creative paths open.


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The EOS Canon 500d (T1i) made a big splash in the consumer DSLR market and the new EOS Canon 550d (T2i Rebel) follows with even more improvements making for a very balanced DSLR at a reasonable price.  Digital Photography Review thoroughly tests the new EOS Canon 550d (Rebel T2i).  If you're just starting out with digital photography and have been leaning towards a DSLR you won't be disappointed with the Canon EOS 550d (T2i).


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This is ground breaking and will affect many of us to some extent.  The US Justice Department is supporting a proposal from The Associated Press to create a voluntary 'digital registry' to help news organizations track their content over the internet.  I suspect if this is ever created it will soon become available to professional photographers world wide.  Enforcement and penalties haven't been discussed but are sure to be a component of any such effort.


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Adobe announces incremental upgrades to Lightroom V2.7 and Adobe Camera Raw 5.7 to support the latest camera releases and fix small bugs.  I've already upgraded both and they work great.


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