Photography News of Interest

Adobe Lightroom 2.2 has just been released and adds support for new cameras including the new Canon 5d Mark II.  You can download it here.

Unfortunately there are already a few image quality issues with the new Canon 5d Mark II.  Such issues are not uncommon on newly released DSLRs are armchair photographers do their very best to exploit even the tiniest flaws in an otherwise stellar product.  Now we have a banding and ‘black dot’ phenomenon reported under conditions most will never experience, but forum jockeys across the World Wide Web are up in arms over the problems.  Canon appropriately has responded acknowledging the problems and promising a forthcoming ‘fix’ in the way of a firmware upgrade.  This means you probably won’t have to pack up your new Canon 5d Mark II and ship it off for weeks or more to your local service center.  You can read Canon’s statement here.

A few weeks ago I posted a link to a comparison test of consumer point and shoot compacts.  Great for most people, but what about enthusiasts and pros who would like to see a comparison of point and shoot compacts of interest to them?  Digital Photography Review made such a comparison and you can compare the best of the breed when it comes to point and shoot compacts for pros and keen enthusiasts here.. See the comparison of the Canon G10, Panasonic Lumix DMC-T75, Nikon P6000 and more.

Making great images of children is a difficult skill to master.  This article is very informative and highlights their 7 secrets of children’s photography.  You might find it worth a read.

I found this article very interesting.  Dan Burkholder has a exhibition of images captured post-Katrina focusing on the beauty found in the aftermath of Katrina.  This might be an uncomfortable subject for many, but there’s no denying beauty can be found in almost anything if the photography has a keen eye.  His work is outstanding!  You can see it here.

I’m a big believer in quality calibration and measuring instruments.  The number of questions I receive asking how to best use the “micro-adjustment” feature on the newer DSLRs to correct for lens front and back focusing are many.  In the past we were limited to printing out specific test patterns on a piece of paper, setting up the camera, and doing our best to zero in the micro-adjustment for the most precise focusing.  If your careful this will work, but this new system my LensAlign looks  like it will make the entire process not only easier, but more accurate.  Luminous Landscape reviews the new product here.

Now this is a really great thing.  “Flashes of Hope” is a NGO who’s purpose is to capture young patients and their families during their most trying times. The portraits they produce are sometimes the child’s last portrait so you can imagine how meaningful this service is to the parents and other family members.  Read about it here.