Photography News of Interest

Nikon does it again!  Nikon continues to roll out some very nice professional tools and after Canon dominating the uber-resolution professional DSLR market for the last 8-9 years Nikon fires back with an (on paper) class leading flagship D3x.  I say on paper because the Canon 1ds//1ds2/1ds3 models are proven professional tools used industry wide, and we’ve yet to see a single review or even sample image from the D3x.  Still, many are anticipating Nikon’s usual great performance.  Competition is always a good thing, it sparks innovation and drives down the prices for consumers.  Read Nikon’s D3x press release here.

The all-in-one consumer zoom lens for DSLRs are gaining a significant share of the market.  And they should, these lenses are very useful and much better quality than in years past.  The Nikkor 18-200 and Canon 18-200 (38-320mm 35mm equiv.) APC sensor lenses have sold very well and now Tamron releases their own version.  Read the review here.

Is video really the future of photography?  This week the Canon 5d Mark II shipped to it’s US and Europe customers and was the first camera to offer 1080p HDTV video and people sure are excited about it.  Imagine being able to use all your still camera lenses on a video camera and you’ll get the picture.  Read about how Adobe is working on future video technology beyond their already market leading offerings.  Here.

The UK continues to lead the western world on laws concerning photographers and terror.  Many are upset with the laws.  If you live in the UK you’ll want to read this article here.