Photography News of Interest

The Canon G series of compacts meant for the keen amateur has been popular for years.  Last year like many professional photographers who wanted the best possible compact for personal use I picked up the G9 and I still use it regularly and love it!  Recently Canon introduced the G10 with several improvements.  You can read its test review here.

Still waiting for that rebate check for your Canon video or printer purchase?  You wouldn’t be the only one.  Better you wait then you get a check that will bounce!  Read about how the rebate company contracted by Canon went bankrupt and sent out rubber checks to loyal Canon customers!

Several columns back I linked a story about how Lowell Photography stiffed it’s wedding clients leaving them without images of their most memorable times.  As we follow the case we can see that six complaints have now been filed with Attorney General.  Good for them!  Read about it here.

Britney Spears is more ‘Self-conscious’ and ‘Reserved’!  Who knew!  Read about her interview from the Rolling Stones photo editor here.