Photography News of Interest

I lived on Okinawa for over three years and enjoyed it more than any place I’ve ever lived.  So imagine my interest in a new pictorial book by Shokyu Otsuka showing images from all over the island.  I’ve just ordered mine!  You can read the story at this link.

He with no emotions.  Leonard Nimoy does erotic photography.  Who knew!  Read about it here.

Heck, this isn’t a trend.  Prior to my last move to Bangkok my studio on Oregon did several boudoir sessions a week for brides, housewives, and girlfriends.  It didn’t take long till this type of photography was my mainstay. says it’s a new trend.  Read about it here.

Underwater fashion photography?  V magazine features an exciting fashion editorial using underwater fashion photography.  I love the originality!  Read about it here.