Photography News of Interest

Before Adobe’s Lightroom dominated the raw converter market Phase One’s Capture One Pro was my converter of choice.  It offers a conversion unmatched when it comes to fine color tones and contrast, but the interface was clunky and didn’t lend itself well to high volume sessions.  Recently Phase One has released an much upgraded version of their Capture One Pro, version 4.5.1.  This is a major upgrade and I’m still test driving it to evaluate it against Lightroom.  I very much doubt it will unseat Lightroom as the most used raw converter, but it will probably be the converter of choice for studio professionals desiring tethered operation.  Check it out here.

Every good thing, or maybe in this case a bad thing, must come to an end and such is the case with the company who brought us the disposable camera.  You can read about it here.

This teenager is getting her images published in a significant magazine.  At 17 she’s achieved what many don’t, probably not because of her photography skills, but because she still has the youthful confidence born from optimism and looking outside the box.  It’s not that hard to get published, something to consider if you  have the desire.  Read her story here.