Photography News of Interest

Here’s an interesting story on saving money by using vintage lenses on your DSLR instead of the newest autofocus lenses. I know many people who through adapters or even lenses that fit their current mount, use much older lenses they find at pawn shops and eBay specials and save a lot of money.  Read the story here.

There is no doubt that the media is biased one way or the other towards certain political leanings, and they often choose election and campaign coverage photos to suit their biases.  Now you can read about how well they’ve planned and executed election photojournalism that worked!  Here.

Ken Rockwell is one of the most controversial photography bloggers on the net today.  Either you love him or hate him.  Half of what he says is biased nonsense, the other half well reasoned and useful information.  Depending on who you are, the halves can be on either side.  ;o)  Take a look at his site here to see some examples of out of the camera pictures with him using his new Canon G10 compact.  Great colorful pictures!  I’ve enjoyed my G9 for over a year and I’ll probably be picking up the G10 to try out very soon.  Look here..