Photography News of Interest

The Nikon 18-200 AF-S VR lens has become hugely popular.  This is a crop camera lens (APS) which means on a 1.5x crop Nikon its really a 27-300mm (35mm equivalent) which is a very useful travel or walk around lens for people who don’t want to carry more than one lens and appreciates small size and weight.  The problem as Canon users saw it was they didn’t have an equivalent lens to use on their Canon DSLRs.  Canon heard them and released their version of a 18-200mm crop camera lens.  It looks like Nikon and Canon users can now enjoy a small and light wide range travel lens.  You can read the review of the 18-200 Canon here.

This week Adobe released its new Creative Suite 4 product line.  I’ll talk about this in the new Infocus Blog.