Photography News of Interest

Culture clash?  I find it unbelievable that an amateur photographer would be fined for taking a snapshot of a person with the poor judgment to get drunk/sick in public, but this is exactly what we had happen in Edinburgh Scotland recently.  The sheriff thought the photographer was being “unchivalrous” in photographing the lush and fined him 100 pounds.  No mention what the drunk lady was fined for being.. perhaps “disgusting” and publically intoxicated?   Read more here.

Well, it’s official now.  No more nude photo exhibits in Ethiopia!  I’m sure this will ruin the plans of many, but I hope you’re not one of them.

We covered this in this column a few months back, about a wedding photographer who collected her fees from clients and then never turned over the promised photos?  It appears the State Attorney General is going after the guy now.  This can’t be good news for the unethical photographer, but it sure is for those of us who conduct business honestly!  Read about it here.

The International Photograph Awards (IPA) are perhaps the most recognized photography awards in the world, somewhat like winning an Oscar or Emmy but for photography.  Last year (2007) I was delighted to learn that a friend and associate of mine captured two top place finishes for the work he did at Thailand’s new international airport Survarnabumi, and again this year (2008) for he continued his excellence by earning two more first place finishes.  I learned a lot from this man when he was here in Bangkok, many nights we’d look over the proofs and comment on what we found appealing about certain images, discussed equipment and technique, and two very different but strangely similar lives that brought two strangers, two photographers, together in a foreign land.  If you’re reading this Rainer I wish you the best and I’m looking forward to your next visit!  You can view the IPA results here.