Photography News of Interest

WOW!  Photokina was in full swing this week and thousands of new products were announced or introduced.  I won’t bore you by listing every item, but I will list a few items that promise to change the digital photography market for the better, hopefully.  You can search this site for any news of recently announced items you may be interested in.

First is a new system introduced by Panasonic called the “Micro 4/3’s” system.  They announced a interchangeable lens system based on this new standard which makes great promises  in the “small and lightweight” department.  This system provides the same interchangeable lenses as DSLRs, but with much less bulk and weight, exactly what travelers have been looking for in a high quality system.  More, this system promises to put a big 4/3’s size sensor in a compact camera sized package, that will produce very near the same quality as a much bigger DSLR… in a package you can put in your shirt pocket!

Another possible huge change in the digital camera market might possibly come from Leica, a German camera company steeped in tradition and old time craftsmanship.  They’ve been mostly silent over the last decade in the digital camera market as the industry leaders from the Japanese firms really took off and defined the market.  Now, they’ve shown a prototype DSLR system which is about the same size as the current professional DSLRs, but with a sensor almost twice again as big and with double the megapixels!  This will be a perfect high-end studio and architecture camera that will rival the image quality produced by the best medium frame digital backs, but with much more speed and flexibility inherent in a DSLR design.  I’m estimating the retail price of the body only to be somewhere close to $30,000.00 USD’s and the lenses starting at $2000,00 and up.  You can see the announcement here.

Photography is often used as a social messenger, but I wonder what they’re trying to say in Greece by adding swastika’s to the Greek flag in place of the white cross?  Check it out here.

Now this is big news indeed!  Almost 70 years ago Life Magazine was introduced as a featured image magazine aimed at photojournalist and I’m sure all of us can remember special issues that caught our imagination, and others that took our breath away.  You probably noticed that since 2000 you haven’t seen a Life Magazine on the news racks?  And for a few years after Life was only a newspaper supplement.  Now LIFE is to be re-launched as a website and I can hardly wait!  Read about it here.