Photography News of Interest

With Photokina 2008 starting early next week Canon finally made the announcement many have been waiting for.  The announcement of the 5d Mark II.  Canon also announced an update to the excellent 24mm F1.4 USM lens called the 24mm F1.4 USM II, an update to the very popular G9 compact named the G10, and several more updates to its long product line of compacts, superzoom compacts, and consumer level products.

The 5d Mark II breaks new ground.  With an MSRP of just $2699 USD it offers a full frame 21mp sensor, weather sealing, 1080p movie mode which is an industry first,  ISO’s up to 25,600, and new internal processors allowing 14 bit processing as well as more speed.  This camera will compete directly with Canon’s own 1dsMarkIII at $8000, Sony’s new 24mp full frame at $2999, and both the Nikon D700 and D3 at $2999 and $4999.   It's not hard to imagine that the 5d Mark II will not only be an industry leading product, but that it will quickly become a huge sales success. You can check out a hands on review here.

The new G10 compact will have 15.8mp’s, a new 28-140mm lens, a bit 3 inch high-resolution LCD, a VGA movie mode, raw capability, and a host of other desirable features that many pros and advanced amateurs desire in their own personal compact cameras.  The entire “G” line (G5, G6, G7, G8, G9) has been a huge success over the years and there’s no reason to believe the G10 won’t be a success as well.  Check out the press release here.

Canon’s wide angle lenses have always been a bit weak and recognizing that Canon updated their popular 24mm F1.4 lens with the new 24mm F1.4 USM II wide angle lens.  You can read more about it here.

Have you ever wondered if you need a degree in photography to be a successful photographer?  You can read the question and answer here.

As a treat let me introduce you to Mr. Chuck Westfall.  Chuck has been Canon’s “voice” on professional DSLRs for as long as I can remember.  He’s the guy who explains Canon’s policy, why it chose to make certain upgrades and not others, what’s in the immediate future, and much more.  In this interview Chuck is asked about the new 5D Mark II and its quite an informative read.   Link..  Listen in to the audio.

You don’t usually see news about camera manufacturers and their marketing decisions make it into the mainstream news, but the Canon 5D Mark II really is big news in the industry.  The “one” everyone has been waiting for.  This article quotes an unhappy Canon engineer who feels Canon could have done much better against the competition (Nikon is their only real competition) if their marketing department wasn’t pushing them into the “Megapixel Race” (you might remembering me mentioning this before) and instead was concentrating on innovation and overall image quality.  Link here.