Photography News of Interest

As we draw closer to Photokina manufacturers will start announcing their newest products.  The way this normally works is the lesser anticipated products will be announced first, and as the time grows closer the products everyone is waiting for are announced to keep the publics interest keen.  One of the this years most highly anticipated products that has everyone holding their breath in anticipation is the replacement for Canon’s hugely successful 5d DSLR.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for learning about all the cool new point and shoots Nikon will be releasing soon.

Changing the tone of a subjects skin, whether it be a model or a celebrity, has long been one of the many tools used to send the “message” of the publisher.  Photographers generally aren’t involved in this (though there are several techniques which can be employed during capture), rather it’s the publishers who use the photographers images and alter them in post processing.  In this case Beauty giant L’Oreal is accused of turning Beyonce Knowles a whiter shade of black to promote their products. 

Often the technology of one product leads to the development of a new product of huge importance.  This might be the case with digital cameras.  A “stretchable” silicon camera might lead to artificial retina replacements in the future.  You can read about it here.