Photography News of Interest

Scott Kelby writes many photography “how to” books including his recent Lightroom instructional books.  He’s now sponsoring “Photo Walks” all over the world, directed by “walk leaders” to promote his new book “Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers.”  A Photowalk will be held in Bangkok on August 23rd.  You can find out more about the walk and how to sign up here.

Read here about how your laptop could be “detained” upon entry into the USA.

In other articles I’ve written on nude and glamour photography I’ve STRESSED you can never been too careful, or take too many precautions, to make sure your model knows what’s going to happen during the shoot and that she’s comfortable with everything.  I’ll even go so far as to have the model sign a statement to the effect that she fully understands the photographer/model relationship during a shoot.  This story is about a nude/glamour photographer now charged with sexual assault.  No details were given, but for me it reinforces the need to be extremely careful. 

I’m always open to learning new techniques, and what could be better than creating art with Polaroid film?  This story might be of interest to anyone who still has some Polaroid film laying about.

Photokina is next coming next month.  Perhaps the most eagerly awaiting announcement is the replacement for Canon’s three year old 5D DSLR.  Will it be able to compete with Nikon’s D700 DSLR which is already in stores?