Who can forget Al Gore's claim that he invented the internet?  How about the guy who invented the digital camera? Steve Sasson (sic) is credited with inventing the first digital camera and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Rochester.  You can read about this small but significant piece of digital history here. 

More and more I'm becoming a big fan of small pocket cameras, mainly because I can almost always have one available when an unexpected photographic opportunity comes my way.  These small pocket cameras are becoming more capable every year.  Over at the Luminous Landscape they test three different small cameras which have an appeal to DSLR shooters in common.  The Canon Powershot G10, Canon Powershot G11, Sigma DP1, Panasonic Lumix GF-1, and the Olympus EP-1 are talked about and some of them compared in this excellent article.  Give it a read here.

Last week I shared with you Adobes release of Lightroom 3 Beta, and that it's a free beta, no license required.  The folks at Luminous Landscape take you on a first-look first-drive tour of the new Lightroom 3 and I find it informative.  Take a look here.

Windows 7 is here!  What does it offer and should you purchase a copy or two?  Currently there are many articles out discussing these very issues but I find this one particularly useful.  They make fair comparisons, perform useful tests, and make solid useful recommendations.  You can read it here.

Phase One releases its latest version of its excellent Capture One Pro, Version 5.  This is arguably the best professional raw converter out there, in the sense that it makes the best conversions.  I've been using it going on 7-8 years now.  You can get the latest version here.

Carl Zeiss has been slowly rolling out some of their best lenses armed with the Canon EF mount and the 35mm F2 version is their latest.  This lens competes directly against Canon's own 35mm F1.4L prime lens and at hundreds of dollars less!  Read about it here.