Canon's new EF 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro lens is turning out to be a real winner.  Their new "hybrid IS" system makes the macro lens more useful in areas other than macro photography while maintaining the same superb optics Canon users have come to expect.  Check out Digital Photography's Review here.

Change your unit!  Hmm.. Okay, really.  Ricoh's new GXR 4/3's Micro camera introduces a novel alternative to interchangeable lenses.  How about an interchangeable "unit" comprised of a lens, sensor, and the processing engine (supporting CPU and electronics)?  Each time you change the lens you'll also be changing the sensor and cameras CPU.  The 'Body" essentially holds the battery, the LCD review screen, and the knobs and buttons.  I'll admit to thinking "what the heck are they thinking?" There's a lot of discussion about the GXR out there this week.  Read a preview of the GXR here.

The Nikon D300 set new standards for a prosumer DSLR, redefining what we should expect from a DSLR in this price range.  Recently Canon announced and brought to market their new 7d which directly competes with the D300.  In response Nikon upgraded the D300 to the D300s which basically just adds video capability.  Read the review here.

Zeiss is upgrading eight of their F-Mount (for Nikon) lenses to include a working electronic interface which fully supports automatic modes and transfers Exfil data.  This is big news for Nikon owners as Zeiss makes superb lenses.  They're upgrading their 18/3.5, 21/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4, 50/2, 85/1.4, and the Distagon T 28/2 and macro Planar T 100/2.  Read more about what automatic control has been added to these eight lenses here.

How many Bibble users out there?  I've been a licensed Bibble user for years, but I'll admit I only use it for the occasional image as I find other raw processors meet my workflow and image quality requirements better.  Still, it's interesting to note that Bibble released a public beta version of their new Bibble 5. You can get a free copy of this beta version and a beta license here.