The more you can include your family with your hobby's, often the more satisfying they can be.  I've always encouraged and enabled my youngest son to enjoy photography, and in fact he was helping me shoot weddings and events from the time he was 10 years old.  That's why when I saw this scholarship contest I thought it would be a worthwhile use of his time.  Sigma Corporation will award a $5000 cash gift and $1000 in products to a talented high school senior.  Read more about Sigma's Scholarship Contest here.

If you have one of the latest cameras which isn't yet supported in Lightroom or CS4 Photoshop, perhaps it's now supported in Adobe's latest 'release candidates'.  Release Candidates are software products well out of the beta stage and right before actual release.  They're ready for distribution to the general public, but it might be wise to release a test run and see how they go.  Click here to download Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom 2.6 release candidate, and here to download Adobe's Camera Raw 5.6.

I've always found the small point and shoots with weatherproof construction of interest.  Whether we're at the beach, camping outdoors, kayaking, or just about any sport where water, dust, or impact might be an issue, these small cameras are built to take it. Casio announces their rugged EX-G1.  See it here. 

Phase One's Capture Pro 5 has just released version 5.0.1 which supports the newest cameras like the Canon 7d, Panasonic GF1, Leica X1, Leica M9, and more.  This is professionals product for those who need to eek the very best image quality from their raw files.  I've been using Capture Pro for over five years now and while I currently use Lightroom for my general work, when I need the very best quality Capture One Pro is what I use.  Get your update here.

Phase One originally produced Capture One Pro to compliment their digital sensor backs for MF camera bodies.  Now they've progressed to making entire cameras as well as the digital backs and excellent software.  Check out this review of their newest Phase One 645DF here.