In the event you were thinking of taking pictures of cute children talking to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, or maybe even Ronald McDonald.. think twice.  Photographers are finding themselves in hot water over these legal activities!  A free-lance photographer was recently arrested in West Virginia for taking photos of children on Santa's lap.  Read about it here.

I don't necessarily agree with this guys opinions, but he does make some good points about the wisdom of spending your money on digital photography.  Read the blog here. 

Are you one of the proud new owners of a 4/3's camera?  Many photographers love this format for its small size and low weight coupled with good image quality.  Lenses for these cameras run the range from expensive manufacturers lenses to uber priced Leica or Zeiss lenses.  Now you have an alternative.  Samyang announces their 8mm fisheye and 85mm F1.4 portrait lens for the Four Thirdss format.  These should be reasonably priced.  Samyang also makes these lenses for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and others.  Read more about them here. 

Backlit sensor technology is both promising, and starting to appear in more devices.  Omnivision has made available it's 1/2.33" 14.6mp backlit sensor.  This small format offers 1080p video and should be idea for phone cameras and other like devices.  Read about it here.

Five New Years Resolutions for Digital Photographers?  Sounds fun..  Get organized, get backed up, upgrade to a better photo editor, learn something new, enter some contests.  Sounds reasonable.  Read more about these resolutions over at PC World here.

'Fighter Pilot:  Operation Red Flag' comes to IMAX theatre.  Red flag is the final training phase before fighter pilots are sent into actual combat.  This limited engagement follows a student through this phase of his military flight training.  Read more about it here.