The Consumer Electronics Show held its annual event in Las Vegas like it always does, and the industry usually releases minor models during the CES show and this year is no exception.  Scads of new point and shoot models from practically every manufacturer were announced and as usually Digital Photography and Review has a complete roundup nicely formatted.  You can see it here.

Roughly every 5 years Canon and Nikon release new versions of the photojournalists 70-200's.  This year is no exception with both Canon and Nikon practically synced to each other.  I linked you to the Nikon 70-200/2.8 VR II model a few months back, and this week Canon announces their EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM lens.  It has some new coatings, their newest IS system, and more importantly it reduces the MFD to 1.2m which is significant.  This is great if you're just now buying a new lens, but there really isn't any single feature compelling enough to prompt someone who has the older model to upgrade.. at least IMO.  You can see the announcement here. 

I really enjoyed this article over on the Digital Outback discussing Panasonics 7-14mm F4 (14-28mm in 35mm equiv) micro 4/3's wide angle zoom.  More, I found the discussion on how it can be used where a bigger format such as a traditional DSLR would not be used.  Take some time to read this one..  Very much worth the read.

You knew it was coming.  The market potential of the Micro 4/3's system is just too great for the big consumer giants to resist.  This week Samsung announces their Samsung NX10 but it's not a Micro 4/3's system!  Nope, it's smaller and more lightweight than some Micro 4/3's system, but it has an even bigger and more appealing APC-S sensor just like you'll find in most consumer DSLRs.  Samsung isn't a major camera maker, so I personally would want to be convinced of their market commitment before investing in a camera with its own brand new lens mount.. especially considering the cost of quality lenses.  Still, it's full of high tech systems, it's very small and lightweight, and it does have a decent sized sensor.  Check it out here.

I very much.. and I mean I really really enjoyed.. this article over on the Luminous Landscape by William Neill where he discusses his relationship with Ansel Adams and how it has influenced his photography.  There are some keen bits of wisdom in this article.  Several of which I'll discuss in future blog entries.  I have the same books and have read the same passages.. but I wish I'd had the same pleasure of meeting the man.  Read this, it will be the best use of five minutes you're likely to find in quite some time.