The Canon 1d Mark IV has only been out a few weeks and is receiving great reviews.  It competes directly with the Nikon D3s and it does this well.  Canon isn't going to rest on its laurels long with their flagship sports and journalism camera though and this recent announcement confirming upcoming firmware upgrades to improve the already great autofocus is proof of that.  You can read their notice here.

One of the lenses missing from the Micro 4/3's lineup is a decent wide angle.  Now, Cosina announces their Voigtlander Heliar 12mm F5.6 "ultra " wide angle.  I hesitate to use the "ultra' tag considering that with the 2x multiplier of the 4/3's sensor this lens is only 24mm  (35mm equiv).  Still, it's a decent lens and if you read Japanese you can read more about it here.

As a photographer with your own studio/business, should you be able to refuse to serve any customer you want for any reason?  How about because they were gay?  A New Mexico wedding photographer refused to serve a gay couple and has lost her anti-discrimination appeal.  I've been following this case for a long time and I'm convinced even passingly decent people skills could have made both parties feel okay about her not taking their contract.  If anyone is interested I'll write a separate blog entry on how to handle such and like situations where for whatever reason you just don't want to take a job.

Interesting Facts of Female Photography.  This article assumes everyone 'at least once' wants to be on the cover or a major magazine.  Really?  This photographer is laboring under the assumption that women are the holy grail of photographic subjects.  Sometimes rambles like this can be amusing.

In our current days of "must fill the page" journalism we often have the "10 best" or "10 worst" features stuck in our eye.  "The Ten Best Taco Joints in Los Angeles" or some such article they think we're interested in (Tito's and Gallego Bros are the best btw).  However, this "Ten Great Cities for Photography" caught my eye and I couldn't help but take a gander to see how their choices lined up with mine.  I've been to six of these cities, how about you?