When you consider how much and how fast new technology is being announced on an almost daily basis in the photo industry it probably shouldn't come as a big surprised to learn camera manufacturers rank among the worlds top patent applicants.

In the past I've told you stories supporting the durability of flash memory cards, stories of leaving them in my pants pocket and washing them sometimes over and over again.  Dryer too!  In one story I told you about how when I was in the south and they were trying to confiscate my memory cards I dropped my Micro SD cards in a can of Coke and they only took the shell adapter.  In all instances the cards worked afterwards and I was able to retrieve my images.  Now, you can read about   how a camera fell overboard in the Atlantic ocean and after a year was found.. and guess what?  Yep, the owner was able to retrieve his images from the flash memory card!

I wasn't going to post this, but I decided to anyway.  We all know the Canon 1d Mark III had focusing issues that some regarded as severe.  In truth, every person I know who shoots a Mark III (and there's a lot of them) never had a single complaint.  The issues they were discussing were only evident in certain circumstances when using the camera at the very edge of it's capabilities.. which is well beyond what you and I can do. Rob Galbraith broke this story and did a great job of documenting the issue on his site.    Unfortunately there are rumors he had a falling out with Canon over this issue.  Now, he 'tests' the new Canon 1d Mark IV and compares it against Nikon's D3s.  This is great information and I applaud Rob Galbraith for his efforts, but I caution you to understand they've a lot more recent time with the Nikon, a lot DOES have to do with the shooter and his particular style, and that for this test they were shooting at the very upper limits of what AF can really do.. beyond that which many of us think they can do.  I think technology is great, but it's a big mistake to lean too heavily on technology.  We were getting perfectly focused sports shots well before autofocus even existed.. How?  Techniques.  You can use the same techniques today on modern cameras and someone could probably argue that if you must get the shot, you're probably still better off using them at this level.

Happy Birthday Walt Disney!  As a Southern California native we probably followed Mr. Disney's dreams and successes more than most, but everyone knows Mickey Mouse and Disneyland.  A true creative genius.  This article gives a look at his life.