Biker Bart, or custom bike correspondent (not really, but he sends in enough cool pictures to share with us to have earned the title), took these pictures which are published at and is talking about the Burpha Bike Club Party.  If you love bikes this is a good read.  If you like Biker Bart's images check out his great website here. 

Adobe Photoshop turns 20 years old! Does that make Photoshop almost an adult?  It's hard to believe Photoshop has been with us that long, but it certainly doesn't surprise me that it's still the professionals choice of imaging software.  Read a bit about the history and evolution of this iconic product.

The Nikon D3s sets the industry standard in low light capability. The D3s produces the cleanest files at high ISO than anything else out there and it's 12mp images are plenty big enough for most journalism and event use.  Digital Photography Review just released a comprehensive review which is really worth a close look if you need such a camera.

Cosina releases its Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar 90mm SL II close focus lens in Canon, Nikon, and Pentax mounts.  It's 50cm minimum focusing distance allows for some exceptionally close looks at whatever tiny objects catch your interest.  By attaching the included close up lens you can cut that distance to 32cm providing a 1:1:8 ratio.  Is an image of a grain of rice in your future?

The new Sony Cyber-shot H55 is being touted as the first compact "superzoom" and provides a 24-250mm equivalent focal range.  If you need this much focal length in a pocket size package there aren't many other choices so give this one a good look.

Pentax announces a firmware release that helps correct lens distortion, CA, and helps the K-7 recognize more lenses.  Check out the Pentax Website Firmware area for files and instructions.