Imagine, no more taking pictures of people in public without first asking for a model release.  Imagine allowing anyone to use images for commercial purposes they "find on-line" after "claiming" they can't locate the owner of the image. Imagine a police state where it concerns photographers, you have no rights and your right to safeguard your copyright and intellectual property is taken away. The Digital Economy Bill currently before the UK Government will do just that and is expected to become law soon.  I don't know what UK Citizens can do at this point, but it appears you're about to be given a royal bending over concerning your rights!

If you're one of the professional users of Capture One Pro you'll be glad to know they've just updated their product and it now supports the newest digital cameras.  You can download it here.

The most significant camera release in the last few months has got to be the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV DSLR.  A 10fps 16mp hot rod of a sports and photojournalism camera which can capture low light images better than anything else expect perhaps Nikon's new D3s.  Digital Photography Review recently released their comprehensive 34 page review which gives you a great look at this modern photographic tool.

The Canon 5d Mark II is turning out to be a legend in it's own right, in a large part due to it's ground breaking HD video capabilities.  Canon continues to support this photographic icon with a planned firmware upgrade in mid-March which will add even more video capability.  Canon is also releasing updated firmware for it's T1i (500d in Asia and Europe) and they're also updating DPP  and their other supporting software.  Canon has been busy this month!

I've written many times about the draconian police state laws being enacted against photographers in the U.K.  Didn't believe me?  This photographer filmed his arrest under the U.K.'s "anti-terrorist" legislation and it's really quite revealing.  You'll want to view this one!

Does your story have a chance at inspiring a nation to embrace science?  Would you like to win 1150 pounds worth of Canon equipment?  Enter your image representing life-changing science and see if you win the big prize.

If you've been paying attention you'll have noticed Nikon is revamping almost every lens and this is a good thing.  Most Nikkor lenses have needed updating to remain competitive for a long time now.  Their newest release the Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm 1:2.8G ED VR II telephoto is said to be a gem of a lens.  Digital Photography Review just released a comprehensive review which gives a potential purchaser a very good evaluation of this exciting new lens.

Apple releases Aperture v3.0.1, a timely upgrade to it's premier raw processing software which supports the newest DSLRs.