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Photography News

News For The Month of December 2nd through January 2nd, 2013
2/2/2013 9:00 AM By  anonymous  
No photos in Palmy please, microexpressions of anilmals transfer to humans, Hurricane Sandy portfolio, fascinating pictures of snow flakes, Justin Bieber owns your photographs?, Freelance photographer ends up shooting famous video for John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, and a man who purchases an antique camera is fascinated with what he fiinds insdie.


News For the Months of September 2nd through December 1st
12/1/2012 9:00 AM By  anonymous  
Did Christina Aguilera thin down under Photoshop, and do Victoria's Secret Models need much Phtoshop, did this dude get eaten by a mako shark, weird chick with Photoshop Tattoo, and a photographer is disqualfied for using too much Photoshop[omg!


News For The Month of September 1st through October 6th, 2012
10/6/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  

German Artist Dirk Dzimisky makes stunning images using just a pencil and paper, a 19yp launches his Canon P&S into space for some weekend pics, Curiosity Rover delivers stunning images, and amateur Mo Gelbers "Last Kiss" could end up being the basis for a film.


News for the Month of August 12th through September 1st, 2012
9/1/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  
Stunning photographic quality prints created with a ball point pen, Nessie surfaces for a photograph, a special moment within a lions pride, a photographer mauled to death by the grizzly he was photographing, and celebrities are adding pounds and curves via reverse-airbrushing.


News For The Month(s) of June 2nd through August 11th, 2012
8/11/2012 8:29 AM By  anonymous  

The top ten places to photograph, a 5 year photography project, Mars Rover Curosities first gallery of images, A common sense public photo policy, Is Instagram ruining photography, stunning life like acrylic paintings which as so photo like you'll drop your socks, Biilderberg Conference, Napa;m Girl turns 40, and the most awesome fish shot you'll ever see!


News for the Month of May 6th through June 2nd 2012
6/2/2012 8:00 AM By  anonymous  
A boy finds his long-lost uncles picture in a garage sale Polaroid purchase, the Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl, Yogi Falls From Tree, Boy Feels Obama's Hair, Tornados in wedding photos backdrop, The Beatles Abby Road image goes both ways, 1923 Leica goes for a record 2.16 million Euros, bad wedding couple photos, and Time Magazines Breast Feeding mom, a lady breastfeeding a 4 year old boy and who breast feeds her adopted 5 year old promises to be the most controversial image of the year!


News for the Month of April 8th through May 5th 2012
5/5/2012 1:00 AM By  anonymous  
Terrahertz Xray phones on their way, black smiley face creates uproar, Jennifer Love Hewitts considerable assets digitally reduced, Santos Laguna poses with young kid with Playboy Magazine, the Anonymous Hacker busted by the FBI because of his girlfriends big bust, Terry O'Neil only takes pictures of people he fancies, awful wedding pictures, the perfect natural beauty is found, a bored baseball spectator (aren't they all?), and Tony Peitrantino the boxer takes a punch he'll never forget.


News For The Month of March 4th through April 7th, 2012
4/7/2012 4:00 AM By  anonymous  

An artist makes drawings which look just like photographs, we're told obese women are here to stay so get used to it, 1800's couple's portraits reunited, a Dutch Model is deemed too fat to work, and finally Jessica Simspon poses naked while pregnant for Elle in the classic Demi Moore Vanity Fair pose.


News For The Month of February 5th through March 3rd, 2012
3/3/2012 9:00 AM By  anonymous  

Alterations in the pre-digital age, the mini-meleon is the smallest reptile on this earth, some strange engagement pictures, and Alex Morgain poses in body paint!


News For month of January 1st through February 4th, 2012
2/4/2012 12:18 PM By  anonymous  
A content to replicate famous art, an underwater photograher fends off a great white shark with only his camera, and a stock model is surprised to see his photoshopped image on a billboard with a fake amputation.

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