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Red Shirt Back Story
5/1/2010 11:26 PM By  BkkSteve  

A friend and I were driving through Safari World not long ago and we both knew that if you go very slow and keep your eyes open you'll see things others miss.  In this instance I spotted this empty nest not even 2 meters from the car. 


Do You Feel Like You’re Being Watched?
4/17/2010 1:38 PM By  BkkSteve  

Thousands of eyes are watching yuor every move..


Take a Second Look!
4/10/2010 1:00 AM By  BkkSteve  

Think before you cull those images!


Right Place at the Right Time
4/3/2010 2:25 PM By  BkkSteve  

We're right there in the front row for a skirmish with tigers and a fight with bears!


Forgotten and Found Images..
3/27/2010 2:30 PM By  BkkSteve  

Images found on old flash cards, in old cameras, developing old rolls of film.. many treasures to be found!


Exploring Rural Ang Thong
3/13/2010 2:33 PM By  BkkSteve  

In search of the elusive 'different' photograph most tourists will never find..


The Mechanics of a Portrait
3/6/2010 2:36 PM By  BkkSteve  

David had learned well. In just a few days of workshops he became skilled at working the model and capturing great portraits!


Often, You Must Look Closer To See..
2/27/2010 2:39 PM By  BkkSteve  

A world of their own hidden in plain view.. A "Home Tree?"


Capturing Motion in Bangkok
2/20/2010 2:51 PM By  BkkSteve  

The nights in Bangkok reveal all types of interesting things in motion. Isolating your subject is a challenge..


“Grabbing” a Great Shot While On The Run..
2/13/2010 2:52 PM By  BkkSteve  

Whizzing by in a car at about 30kph I see the shot, but can I grab it before its gone..

  1. Re: Where Did BkkSteve Go?

    Do you love fashion Balenciaga Handbags? Are you always scoping out the latest Celine handbags designer...


  2. Re: Pay Attention

    Have to say this the last subject I expected to say anything about on a photographic web site! I've seen...


  3. Re: Pay Attention

    Interesting observations and a good bit of knowledge about the bleach. I thought bleach killed everything...


  4. Re: Pay Attention

    Black mold is certainly a problem ...not just in Asia (so is white mold during the rainy season here...


  5. Re: Sepia Toning

    Technikall - I must say the "preventing more' comment was mostly tongue in cheek,really all I could...


  6. Re: Sepia Toning

    I'm affraid your article will prevent nothing, and really why should it. I happen to be one who has worked...


  7. Re: Pay Attention

    Yea, ice machines can be pretty scary. When I read the health inspection reports here in the US the ...


  8. Re: Biker Bart Pulls it Off!

    Small things add up.. often without realizing it. The soft focus on the girl, the clipped from wheel...


  9. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    There are two birds here. One is severely deformed throughout the cranial cavity. The other bird is...


  10. Re: A Photographers Moral and Ethical Responsibilities

    Only one photo of two birds here - that bird doesn't look too deformed.I would have thouhgt it to be...


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