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The Quintessential Road Shot..
10/16/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

The quintessential road shot.  We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all tried to make them.  Photographers might spend years trying to properly pull one off.  For some reason we’re drawn to road shots like moths to the light.  We can’t help ourselves.  It might even be in our DNA.  I wouldn’t be surprised.


Ta-Pai Bridge, The Making Of..
10/9/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

Koji Inchiro desperately needed to get this right, his fragile military future depended on it.  His next assignment would either be a relatively cushy job as part of Admirals Staff documenting the Imperial Fleets victories in the Pacific, or assigned as a prison guard serving out the war in this hell hole of South East Asia.


Turn 180 Degrees and LOOK!!!
10/2/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

Angkor Vat is a huge complex encompassing many temples and buildings and just as many outdoor scenes.  I’ve spent weeks there, each day further refining my shot list.  This image wasn’t on my shot list.  I was walking through a dark temple late in the day right before the park was to be closed and was greeted by dark grey wall after dark grey wall.


Artistically Transported..
9/25/2010 8:30 PM By  anonymous  

Recently I spent a week up north in the Mae Hong Son province in Pai and was captivated by the beautiful scenery, blue skies, and the cleanest air you can imagine.  The weather was cool and the vistas breathtaking.  The experience was so different I had to remind myself I was still in Thailand. 


First Pictures
9/18/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

He gave me that knowing smile, not quite sure if he understood my desire to see this masterpiece, or perhaps he was just feeling a bit of sympathy because I haven’t yet added it to my own lens collection, and then passed it over to me where I gave it a good look. 


It’s All In The (Missing) Detail
9/11/2010 5:55 PM By  anonymous  

Finally I just asked, and he told me.  In effect what he was doing was exposing different parts of the scene for the best look just for those parts, and then blending the images together in layers to create the final image... 



The Test of Time
9/4/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

This is a recent “rework” of one of my favorite images.  The original is immediately below this one and you can scroll up/down to view them both as I discuss the new image.


Profound Subtleties
8/28/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

During a recent visit to Ayutthaya’s new Floating Market I noticed a pretty young lady sitting with her mother.  We were there for a workshop and I’m always trying to increase the awareness of my clients so they learn to see, to notice their surroundings, in the hope it helps create more and better compositions. 


In Your Mnd’s Eye, In Black and White
8/21/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

Seeing an image ‘in your mind’s eye’ is a skill unto itself, and perhaps the most difficult skill a photographer cultivates.  Capturing and processing the image, that’s mostly a technical matter and far easier to accomplish. 


Postcard Perfect, but without Soul..
8/14/2010 7:00 PM By  anonymous  

A postcard picture for Ayutthaya’s new floating market?  Nah.. but it sure could be.  Picture postcard perfect.  A piloted sampan crossing under a bridge with a fountain in view, and  the Thai flag proudly flying in the background.  Stick and I both saw this scene at the same time ..

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