Thai piano Student studies creating an interesting low light photograph

Fuji Finepix F30


How many of you have images on your hard disks taking up space that you're convinced you'll never use because of poor quality or bad technical's?  How many have you deleted in your camera fit this description?  Perhaps we shouldn't be so hasty.  Maybe those images we've deleted or have been ignoring have more value than we first thought.  Our feature photograph is such an image.

I often loan out one of my point and shoot cameras to an aspiring photographer just so they can experience the fun of digital photography.  Sometimes I even use them.  Such was the case last week when I prepared my 6 year old Fuji Finepix F30 for use by charging it's battery and checking the memory card to see if it was empty and properly formatted.  Looking at the memory card I found a handful of images I didn't recognize and intrigued I imported them into Lightroom for a closer look.


Unprocessed image.  Bangkok Images


Above is what I saw.  What do you see?  Most would see an underexposed subject with overexposed windows and delete the image.  I noticed the light coming in from the window and reflecting off the sheet music lightly illuminating the girls face.  On the far wall I noticed a faint light.  On the floor behind the piano more light in an otherwise dark room.  Curious I brought the image up in Adobe's Photoshop and went to work.

In the space of 3-4 minutes I'd isolated certain areas and enhanced the brightness and color, and decreased the same in other areas.  Finally I ran a heavy noise reducer through the low quality point and shoot image and was left with the feature photograph.

This is one of those images I keep looking at over an over again.  The look on the girls face as she studies, the play of the sunlight throughout the room, and even the faint red of her notebook on the bench beside her.  All come together to make a compelling portrait of a young girl studying music.

To the person who left this on my camera, thank you!  To the rest of you, perhaps you should take a second look at some of the images you might have forgotten..