Feature Photograph

Muslim Model

In my blog entry last week I talked a bit about having patience when pursuing someone to pose.  This is without a doubt the most patience and longest time period I’ve ever pursued a subject.  Three years!  Why this person?  Perhaps it’s more due to her personality than her appealing looks, maybe her lifestyle, religion, or maybe it’s something else I don’t even realize.  Regardless, I enjoyed the shoot tremendously and capturing her in the traditional Islamic dress was a real treat.  This image is significant because of the perseverance necessary to achieve my goal.  The picture itself, the techniques, the image quality, is rather routine.  The personal reward is extraordinary.

Lets talk a bit about the technique and if there is enough interest I’ll make a detailed learning topic in the next week or so.  These were captured outdoors at the right time of day using a single off-camera strobe.  The possibilities using a single light are many.  You can create flat lighting, hard lighting, directed lighting, or just about anything you desire.  All settings on the camera and strobe were manually set and you’d be surprised how easy it is to do so.  Below is a shot from the same session, but a totally different style of light and resulting look.