Feature Photograph

 With Localized Editing feature of Lightroom

This weeks feature photograph was captured in Ang Thong a few months back.  I sat there for a few hours watching the workers in the rice fields and hoping for some ideal light and the perfect expression.  After a while I realized the light wasn’t going to come that day so I’d need to use another technique to get the image I desired.

This image is significant because of the software package I used to create it.  Adobe’s Lightroom 2.1 boasts a new feature called Localized Editing.  The ability to isolate part of the image, while still in the raw converter, and individually adjust the parameters of the part of the image selected.  This is hugely significant because it’s very easy to do, and the only way to do this before was using multiple layers in Photoshop which was a far more complicated process.  By adjusting the raw file you get less image degradation and subsequently higher image quality.  We’ll discuss how this was done and show some samples below as this weeks learning topic.