Feature Photograph

Wai'ing girl

This weeks feature photograph has pulled on my emotions since I first saw it and it’s a photo I keep coming back to glance at every once in a while.  Unfortunately I didn’t take this photo.  On the plus side I was involved in its capture and I feel some satisfaction from that.  One of my workshop students Troy captured this photo.  Troy spent four days with me lightly covering a wide range of photographic technique, equipment, and interests.  During this session he was being exposed to the use of a long telephoto and capturing subjects from a distance, often without the subjects knowledge.  Troy was a fast learner and it wasn’t long before he was using the Canon 300mm F2.8 IS lens to good effect capturing scene after scene at a local running and exercise park.

This little girl was walking with her nanny in the park and when she saw my assistant she did what all well brought up Thai kids do, putting her hands together in a show of respect she waied her and once the formalities were over she ran into her arms with all sorts of questions for my assistant.   Troy and I looked on from a distance and like a seasoned pro he kept the camera working and he ended up with some great shots as one young girl instantly became close with a younger Thai girl in the manner so unique to the Thai people.  For a few minutes they shared a closeness that would take months to form in a western society, and then each moved on back into their own separate lives I’m sure richer for the experience.  This is one of the many things which helped give Thailand it’s nickname “Land of Smiles..”

A little girl with her stranger