Young Thai lady on Ton Lamyai Flower Market in Chiang Mai  


This weeks Feature Photograph was captured at the Ton Lamyai Flower Market in Chiang Mai.  Flower markets aren’t really my cup of tea, but it does make for a nice walk by the river.  Many colorful stalls filled with flowers and even more colorful people.  This was all available light photography which means ISO 1600 or ISO 3200 and a fast lens.

IMO a flash, even used properly, would spoil the mood.  There are multiple light sources, all at different color temperatures, casting light from unpredictable directions.  This gives the images a certain mood or look, a measure of uniqueness.

This image is significant because it’s an emotive moment illuminated with an attractive directional light which captured the mood accurately.  I had just overheard this young lady argue loudly with someone over the phone, I think her parents, and after hanging up she took a mental break with her eyes closed.  She paused for only a few moments, and then continued her walk through the market looking for her next customer.

Even if the venue is relatively plain vanilla, it’s still possible to come across a really cool photo op.  Keep your eyes open and try to see “parts” of the scene as well as the entire view.  Sometimes the parts, taken as an abstract, can produce an interesting image you wouldn’t expect.



Ton Lamyai Flower Market Chiang Mai Thailand  


There were hundreds of sets of these flowers you see hanging from rear view mirrors.  This set was a bit different because of the object to the left, and the way the directional light reflected off the object.  Nothing special, but a little different nonetheless.

Try to see for yourself, what everyone else doesn’t.  Everyone else will be producing like images.  Yours will be more interesting simply because they’re different.