Scenic View of Khlong in Hua Hin  

This weeks feature photograph was captured by accident near Hua Hin.  I was at a beach in Pranburi with my assistant and decided to drive around sightseeing.  When I tell her I’m “sight seeing” she knows exactly what I mean.  I’m in the mood to take an interesting photograph and I might spend hours driving up and down roads and highways looking for the perfect composition of scenery, color, and light.  This particular shot was an accident.  I saw the scene, stopped the car with other cars impatiently behind me, leaned out the drivers window, and with my Canon 1ds Mark II in aperture priority mode quickly snapped this image.  At the time I wasn’t sure why I wanted this picture, but I’m sure at several levels the scene and the afternoon light were screaming at me to take the shot.

As shot the image looks rather ordinary.  Even though it was overall properly exposed, it lacked contrast and color saturation.  This is an example after using basic adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.




I’m “test driving” Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta.  We’ll discuss Adobe Lightroom in more detail in coming columns, but one of the interesting features of the 2.0 Beta edition is the “localized editing” feature.  At the RAW data level this feature allows you to “select” components of the frame and adjust the basic levels separately from the rest of the frame.  Using only “exposure” I made eight localized editing points in this image and finely tuning the exposure only, produced the feature photograph.  Normally this sort of work would have been done in Photoshop using 8-9 different layers and would have taken a solid hour.  In Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta I spent all of five minutes producing this image.