Beung Boraphet Nakon Sawan Bird Photography workshop

A 24 image/layer Photoshop Creation


A few months back my son, some friends, and myself drove the long drive to Nakon Sawan.  Our goal was to photograph birds and other wildlife at Beung Boraphet and in fact I've already written a bit about this experience in the August 15th column in the blog area titled "It's About Being There."

You can check out the gallery from this outing here. 

We did make some decent captures, but when we arrived we discovered the birds had migrated elsewhere and the vegetation had turned brown and there just wasn't the target rich environment I'd experienced on other trips.  I was disappointed not so much for myself, but because I'd promised my son and my friends a good time and it felt like I'd let them down.

What could I do to make it up to them?  After all, it was an all day drive and when you work all week you cherish your days off and you don't want to waste them.  I figured the best I could do was perhaps make them laugh by 'creating' an over the top example of what I was hoping the experience would be like.  Wherever you point your camera the entire frame is filled with interesting birds and great vistas.  So.. I sat down and spent a few hours in Photoshop creating my personal vision of an over the top experience.  How do you think it turned out?  Was it over the top enough to elicit a chuckle or two?

This image is significant because it's a good example of using Photoshop to create what you can only see in your mind.  The background is made up of four images:  The clouds/sky, the trees, the lake, and the boat with people.  The birds number 20 and are from 20 additional images.  A total of 24 images were used to create this single scene.  Can you find all 20 birds?  The four background scenes I put together?

What makes it over the top isn't a poor Photoshop job, in fact taken individually the work is acceptable even though I wasn't trying to make it perfect.  Each bird had thought put into its individual placement, size, direction of travel, and even the lighting.  What makes it over the top is the extreme number of birds.  The visual overemphasizing.

Where does the genesis of such an image really begin?  I'll leave you with a clue.


Beung Boraphet Nakon Sawan, birds eggs

The dying vegetation enabled us to spot many nests on top of the lake