A park in Ayutthaya Thailand.

Lady on The Lake


Not a month passes when I don't miss looking at B&W prints captured with my Olympus OM series SLRs.  The unique look of Pan-x, Tri-x, and other B&W emulsions is something that grows on you over a period of time.  There was a time when I'd carry different bodies loaded with different films, and then have to stop and think exactly which B&W film would best render the composition I was currently evaluating.

Truly good B&W photography still either eludes most DSLR users, or it really makes them work for it during post.  Much has to do with the limited dynamic range of DSLRs over film, the use of anti-aliasing filters, infrared filters, the DAC converters, and the fact that the DSLR has been built from the ground up to render color images as its final output.  There was one exception, a Kodak DSLR I think but for the life of me I can't remember the exact model number of this B&W only DSLR.

Film, with its multiple emulsion layers renders B&W like nothing else out there.  This gives me ideas and I just wrote down on my 'to-do' list "Do a special on B&W Photography using your old OM equipment" and in the margin I wrote a smiley face and another note that says "This will be a lot of fun!"

The feature photograph isn't significant because it was captured with film.  There would be nothing significant about a film captured great B&W image.. it's done routinely.  This feature photograph is unique because it's a pretty decent B&W image DESPITE being captured by a DSLR.

I really like the composition, the subject has light playing off her hair and skirt in just the right amounts to make it interesting.  The fence to the left leads the frame, and the background is both interesting and non-cluttered at the same time.  Interesting shadows and light play the entire scene.  There are two additional things I like about this image.  a.  It was taken in Thailand, but it could have been taken anywhere.  There's no way to tell.  b.  She was checking her LCD for decent shots.. ;o)


Photography Workshop, Ayutthaya Thailand

Ayutthaya Slices


Another interesting B&W conversion.  At first the lady manning the weed whacker seems out of place balanced up there on a fence, at least until you realize she's really on a grass lawn and it just looks that way.  And the more you look at this image the more you see a variety of surfaces, horizontal, vertical, doorways, fences, walls, spires, and the light is hitting most of them differently.  It's not a great image, but perhaps it's an interesting one.  Sometimes that's all we get.