BTS Skytrain station under construction near Patthakarin.  This will be part of the airport link.

Captured with Fuji F30 point and shoot


This week's feature photograph is a simple urban landscape captured at sunset.  The location is ground zero of the new BTS sky train station near my home.  Captured nearly four years ago as the concrete and cement piers were poured and layers of steel added, all the while not interrupting the land railroad as it blasted its way up and down the tracks doing railroad business with its huge diesel engines.

Railroads hold a special place of nostalgia in the hearts of my countrymen.  Stories have been told and songs sung as powerful locomotives powered their way from seaport to big city after big city, delivering vital supplies and important people.  In America we used immigrant labor, many of them Chinese, to build our railroads.  They lived in camps alongside the growing tracks, often with their families and everything they owned.

Over sixty years ago the Japanese used prisoners of war and indentured locals  to build their death railway from Thailand to Burma, desperate to complete their link to China to keep their war machine supplied.

Thailand has historically used immigrants from less developed SEA countries in the same way and still does today.  Several years ago I'd walk along this area for a bit of exercise and observe the immigrants in their shanty town going about life and I'd marvel at how happy they seemed to be with so little.  Each day promised only more hard work for little pay.

During these times I'd carry my pocket camera and make the occasional capture of interest.  This image is significant because it's processed to accentuate its urban hold and IMO it does so well.  Urban landscape opportunities are everywhere, but it takes a careful eye to catch one of interest and impart a feeling at the same time.  Desolate, lonely, and  detailed for interest of viewing.  The composition is strong, the exposure spot on, and the processing purposed.


BTS Skytrain Airport link station completed but not yet operational

Canon 1ds Mark II, 25mm, F5.6 1/60th, ISO 100 handheld


Years later during a break in a thunderstorm I made this capture of the now completed sky train station.  The difference in perspective and processing give an entirely different feel.  What differences do you feel between the two images?  Yes, these differences are stark but I wanted to make a point.  The point is you can capture the "feeling" of urban landscapes with purpose.. but you need to think about what you're going to capture before you make the capture and use these thoughts to frame the best composition possible.  Be sure to read my blog entry at the bottom of this article to learn more about this BTS Sky Train station and why it's not yet running as it should be.