Hubbard Creek feeds into the Umpqua River in Oregon

Nikon D100, Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 AFS @F8

Autumn was always my favorite time of year and it took on new meaning when I started to be involved with photography.  When I lived in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon specifically) I started keeping a calendar showing when certain trees would turn color, when certain fruits would no longer be available, and even when the streams and rivers would increase their flow due to more frequent rainfall.  I'd use this information to carefully plan available weekends so I could be sure to be in the most beautiful areas at the perfect times.

It's hard to describe the northwest to someone who has never been there but I'll try.  Have you ever been in a Christmas tree lot and the smell of Christmas trees would be overpowering?  The northwest is like this.  Christmas trees are evergreens which means they stay green all year.  Evergreens are everywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  The Pacific Northwest is where the bulk of the worlds Christmas trees and cut lumber are grown.  I used to walk outside the backdoor with my sons, walk among the forest until we found the perfect tree, and together we'd cut it down and bring it home.  They never knew it, but we always took the long route.  The route that took us over a rushing creek via cable bridge, up a mountain, through several meadows, into a dense forest, until finally we'd find the perfect tree.  It was a huge circle, an excuse to spend time outdoors with my sons.  The distance from where we'd cut the tree to the backdoor was less than 200 yards.  To them it was a great adventure and we had to trek over five miles to find the perfect tree.  We did trek five miles, just mostly in a circle.

Thailand has seasons, subtle in their gentleness we're often unaware a season has come and gone unless reminded by tepid humidity or spectacular monsoon season thunderstorms.  Still, sometimes I miss the Pacific Northwest and my favorite season Autumn, and with Halloween being today and Thanksgiving just three short weeks away, I thought I'd run a special weekly sharing images I was able to salvage after the big RAID crash of a few years back.

The above image was my favorite fishing hole.  It was less than 150 yards off our deck.  The creek is Hubbard Creek.  The trees would turn a delicious symphony of red and yellow hues and I'd stand there on the rocks with water splashing at my feet and my sons casting to just the right spot to entice a rainbow trout.  The serenity and occasional explosive excitement of a trout striking made for the best of memories.  This image is significant because it visually represents the beauty and emotional harmony of these moments.  Sometimes on rare occasions, life can be perfect.


See the rabbits and crabs?

Nikon D100, Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 AFS @F5.6

Who's going trick or treating this evening?  A costume party perhaps?  I'm afraid if I knocked on my neighbors door here dressed in a Sinbad Sailor Costume with a lighted pumpkin shaped bucket and screamed "Trick Or Treat" they'd call the boys in brown and lock me up.  I made this capture years ago, again close to my home.  Staring at it I thought if only.. so I cut the tree in half vertically and then mirrored the remaining side to the other.. and there they were.  A series of scary faces.  Can you see them?  A big scary rabbit face in the center, a small gorilla above him, and below a giant spider!  Can you see them too or am I just crazy?


Thai girl ready for Halloween.  Bangkok Images

Canon 1d Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8  @F8

Above is how your Thai spouse might dress on her very first Halloween!  Halloween etiquette dictates that if you leave your front porch light on, that you have candy for the trick or treaters.  The wife had a grand time dressing up and handing out candy.