A young Karen refugee looks outside the wire of the Mae La Refugee Camp along the Burma / Myanmar border outside Mae Sot

Canon 1ds Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8  35mm F8  ISO 800

Several months ago when I was photographing the Mae La refugee camp from the roadside I made a capture of a boy looking out from inside the wire.  That image has stuck with me, and many others who saw it said it was a "1000 word picture."  It was that picture which inspired me to do the mosaic's.  We're still collecting images for the mosaic's and I'm still as excited as ever about completing them.  I told you I was going to do a set of three, and that hasn't changed.  I had my first image, but the other two I hadn't yet decided on.   

Then two weeks ago I made this similar but different capture.  Another young boy looking out from inside the wire.  Now I know what I want the theme to be.  I want the theme for all three images in the set, to be of children looking out from the wire, trapped in their giant cage with no where to go.  This image is significant because it gave me the inspiration.  I might not use this particular one, but now I know I'll be out there looking for three perfect "looking out from the wire" images.  This might be more difficult than it sounds, so far in four trips and over 40-50 hours along Mae La's wire, I've only managed to make two such captures.  I'll keep trying.


A view into Burma / Myanmar, a stunning landscape about one hour outside of Mae Sot near the Mae La Refugee camp

Canon 1ds Mark II, 24-70mm F2.8  @F8  24mm  ISO 800

I don't think I'll ever get over the contrast between the beauty of the land, and the ugliness of the man.  This landscape was captured along the Thai/Burma border not far from the Mae La camp.  A perfect blue sky day.  Notice the direction of light as it comes over your left shoulder, 45 degrees across the frame?  And how it lights up portions of the fields and trees while keeping others in the dark?  Contrast.