African Grey Parrot flying.  Her Thai name is "Junea" after my mother-in-law which I'm sure she very much appreciates..

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L @F3.2  1/160th  25mm  ISO 400


I've always done my best to share with the readers that photography at our level is all about fun.  If it's not fun we're wasting our time and should be doing something else.  Life is too short to do otherwise.  Earlier this week I commented in another blog that writing, like photography, is an art form.  And when you do it professionally you should love what you do and have fun doing it.  If you do, the love and fun will show in the writing, and the reader will share in these feelings.  If I can't feel the love and fun while reading I move on to something else.  NEXT.

One of my favorite writers in the Stickman Submission area is eccentric to say the least, yet each week I look forward to his Saturday prose because for those brief few minutes.. I can share his love of writing and feel the fun he's having.  I'd miss these minutes each week if for some reason he decided to no longer publish.  And while I'm confessing I should also say this writer gave me the inspiration to share what I love in this column.  No one has ever given me a better gift.

This is why I was smiling inside last week watching my wife run around the house like a crazy person chasing my parrots.  She knows nothing about photography other than if you push the button a picture appears.  Yet, she's unknowingly been infected with my love of photography and there she was jumping over the sofas, sliding around corners, and chasing the parrots around the apartment with my brand new Canon 5d Mark II in her hands!  She had no idea it's my new camera, or that I have a new camera, or how much it costs.  She's long learned that if she picks up one of the many DSLRs in the house and moves the mode dial to the green box that everything will turn out fine. 

Freezing a flying bird in flight is extremely difficult in the best of circumstances when you know how to use the camera to its fullest.  It's next to impossible in the confines of a small apartment not knowing anything at all about photography.  Yet, in the hour she was running around like a child chasing the family pet she managed to snap a few decent images that froze the parrots in flight with proper focus.  Looking at the images on the LCD screen I decided to share one of her images here as the feature photograph. 

This image is significant because she accomplished the near impossible and loved doing it.  She had fun doing it.  To her it wasn't work.  Not only did she capture a few decent parrot images, but she perfectly captured what I personally consider the essence of photography.  She was having a great time.

In contrast I'm not so sure the parrots were feeling the love.  From where I was sitting the older one barely tolerated her, while the younger one lost her patience and decided to address this nuisance directly. 


Junea an African Grey parrot attacks the camera in Bangkok

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L @F4  1/40th  35mm  ISO 6400