A very old tree in Siem Reap Cambodia near Angkor Vat

Canon 1ds Mark II, 70-200mm F2.8L IS  @F8 1/200th  70mm  ISO 800


I spend a lot of time sharing nice images and then telling you they're the result of careful thought and perfect technique.  In practice, this is how 'most' worthwhile landscapes and other captures are made.  You think the image through, plan for the capture, and then take the capture.  Careful, methodical, and often with pleasing results.

However, what about the shots you don't think about that you just 'grab' with less than a moments thought?  I've made more than a few really great captures this way.  Something, perhaps even my subconscious or maybe just gut instinct tells me "hey, there's a great capture, get it!"  So I do.  This week's feature photograph was such a result.

While in Cambodia in a car traveling at about 30kph.  From the passenger seat I saw this scene, quickly pushed my camera out the window, and made the capture.  I didn't even think about the settings, the composition, nothing.  I only knew my inner voice was telling me to take the image 'right now' so I did.

I love this image.  The tree is really grand and the light shines off its trunk lighting the roots separately from the rest of the scene.  The steps dug into the earth lead the frame from left to right along the pathway.  The stone in the lower right is a solid foreground object (I wish it was in focus), and even the sky beyond the trees were optimally exposed.  I can enjoy viewing this image for long periods, especially properly printed and mounted.  Who could tell I was bouncing down the road at 30kph when I made this capture?


Smoothy girl outside 7-11 on the lower end of Patthakarin in Bangkok

Canon 5d Mark II, 70-200mm F2.8L IS  @F5.6  1/100th  70mm  ISO 100


And sometimes you make such a quick capture with entirely different results.  Close to my home this lady sells smoothies.  I made this capture one handed out the window of my vehicle without much thought at all.  I just saw her concentrating and doing what she does.. and wanted to make the capture.  The colors work, she works, and the scene works.  It's not nearly as powerful or dramatic as the other shot, but it's a very solid composition of an environmental portrait.  On the next Thai holiday I'll bring her a mounted print and she'll make me a strawberry yogurt smoothy.. :)