Safari World entrance

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/80th  35mm  ISO 100


Someone recently brought to my attention that although I've shown many nice animal shots of the animals at Safari World, that I've been remiss in showing landscapes or anything that wasn't a tightly cropped image of an animal.  Mostly true I decided so searching through my files I came up with a handful of landscapes I'd like to share with you this week.


Wetlands area inside Safari World

Canon 5d Mark II,  16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/320th  33mm  ISO 100


Looking at this image you're left wondering where all the animals are.  This is the start of the wetlands area and even though you can't see them are thousands of sea birds in the trees.


A pair of African Marabou Storks

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F4  1/1250th  ISO 100


This is a special shot.  Two Big Ugly Birds in the same frame with their eyes both achieving critical focus.  This is a lot more difficult and rare than you might suspect at first.  Unfortunately the light angle is such that you can't see their blue eyes.


Here you can see the trees which offer refuge, migrating birds, ponds, all inside Safari World.

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/125th  35mm  ISO 100


As we move closer to the tree line you can see the bodies of water, small islands, and just how open and spacious this park is.  Is there really this much room in the middle of the city with nothing but animals and nature?  Yes.


Two storks hunt for food in the wetlands area of Safari World.  I like he reflections and balance of light.

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F4  1/1640th  ISO 100


With the cloud cover the sun induced reflections aren't present, but there is enough light for the main reflections of the storks.


This landscape can be either empty or filled with sea birds.  Bangkok THailand

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/500th  35mm  ISO 100


This is a view of one of the small bodies of water in the wetlands area.  Sometimes its full of birds fishing and looking for insects, other times like this its mostly empty.  What many don't understand initially is that there's no nets or cages for these thousands of birds.  The park people simply built a nice artificial wetlands like area and the birds came.  The birds continue their natural migration patterns throughout Thailand and the SEA region.  Sometimes you have many birds, sometime not so many.  It depends on the season.


This lionesses eyes are watchful.  Notice the marks from numerous fights and conflicts?  The lion area is popular with my photography workshop clients

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F4  1/320th  ISO 100


This is the mate of the big red lion you've seen previously.  Her hide is well beat up and the years show, but she still exhibits a ton of power.


Another Safari World landscape

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/400th  35mm  ISO 100


Another view of the bird area, water bodies, and you might be wondering what the artificial cone shaped covers are for?  They provide shade and protection from the elements.  When they first built the place the trees and other vegetation were not as mature as they are today so these were needed.


One of many tigers that live in the tiger area of Safari World.  Bangkok Thailand

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F5  1/160th  ISO 100


The tigers tend to take naps and lay around in the heat of the day and today was no exception.  This guy sat up to take a look at us just to be polite.


Special guests at Safari World get to hand feed the giraffes

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F4  1/320th  ISO 100


This is a restaurant area where you can eat and mingle with the giraffes.  You can feed yourself and the giraffes at the same time.


This bengal tiger slinks through the grass after a stork.  I suspect he'll catch one some day.

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F5  1/320th  ISO 100


This tiger looks like a housecat as he tries to sneak up on a bird.  Unfortunately he had a thorn (or something) in his rear foot and when he sprang up to get the bird the most he could muster was a lame trot.  The birds were laughing at him.  It tried to get my client to get out of the truck and pull the thorn out of his foot, that way he'd have a tiger friend for life.  He didn't want to.


The bears at Safari World aren't really kept from the cars very well.  This guy walked right up to our open window and asked for my drivers license and registration.  A photography workshop student was terrified.

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F8  1/160th  ISO 100


Not everyone is sleeping.  This grump guy walked up to within a few feet of the truck and showed us his recent dental work.


This is a great view inside the wetlands area of Safari World.

Canon 5d Mark II, 16-35mm F2.8L  @F8  1/250th  35mm  ISO 100


This is more like it.  Back as the wetlands there's an old wooden dock the bigger birds build nests on, water bodies, trees, a bit of everything.


A beautiful tern.  I think.  I'm not well versed on Thailand's birds like I should be.

Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 300mmmm F2.8L  @F5  1/320th  ISO 100


This is one of my best images from Safari World.  He doesn't mingle in the wetlands area, the tiger and lion pen isn't very user friendly to a plump bird, and the bear area isn't too friendly either.  This guy found a small strip of the park where nothing else really lives and decided to visit.  I'm kinda curious where he came from and where he's going..

Safari World has a lot to offer the Bangkok photographer.  Soon I'm going to try and get into the private parrot area.

Take care and we'll see you there