Weekly Photo Outing

Purring Tiger

This last week we visited many places and the one that stood out was Safari World in Bangkok.  It’s close, not crowded in the least, and if you go on a cloudy day with some rain you’re bound to get some great pictures of active animals. With the cloud cover providing a soft light and blocking the harsh rays, and if you’re careful to have the sun at your back, the images are certain to turn out well.

Peacock by the water

For 300 baht per adult (30 baht discount for Thai citizens or work permit holders) you  can drive your own car at your own pace throughout the park stopping where and when you want, you can go around several times, basically you can do things any way you want.  I tend to turn on the radio softly, release my safety belt so I can move around easily, and I mount my 300mm F2.8 IS lens.  A 70-200mm lens would also be adequate for the animals, or a wider lens for landscapes.


There are some major small lakes, small ponds, and sea birds everywhere.  The animals roam around free in large areas, sometimes segregated, which you can drive through.


Sea birds can be very interesting and a few times a day a Safari World truck goes by and they dump several large barrels of fish for their meals.  They’ll often fly in low in large numbers in spectacular fashion.

Perching birds

Even the bears roam around loose.  On this trip there were maybe 15-20 bears, many of them playing or fighting, less than a few meters off the road.  One was even laying in the road.

Playing bears

They sell expensive side window mount camera tripods for such places and they work well.  I personally just roll my window down to a comfortable level and put a folded towel over it, and then rest the lens on the towel.  If you take your time, ensure proper focus and exposure, and observe the animals behaviors for a few minutes so you can anticipate the best scenes.. you’re sure to get great images and have a great time.  It’s especially satisfying that it’s so close and not much trouble to get to.  Check out Safari World the next time you have a free afternoon and want to do something different.  It’s one of the few local places that really is done well.

Big ugly birds